About SuperFlex Fitness

Our Company

Founded and based in Orlando, Florida our philosophy is to design and create performance products and programming that will lead the industry in resistance training applications and technology.

Used by world champion athletes from many sports, our products are praised by professional athletes, pro trainers and medical practitioners from every field of sports training, fitness, and rehabilitation.

SuperFlex Fitness will help you to move better, feel better and look better, all while reducing and preventing injuries.

Our Core Values

Dave HermanService

We strive to deliver the highest customer service. Our objective is to meet your expectations and surpass them.


Creating the most functional band designs and training equipment along with cutting edge resistance training programs.

Scientific/ Research

Consistently working and testing our products for athletes and working with experts, coaches and trainers produce world leading products and information.


SuperFlex bands are manufactured using a propriety layering process that produces the most durable continual looped bands on the market.

SuperFlex resistance training equipment is patented and made in the USA with the highest quality craftsmanship.


Designed for sports training, fitness and rehab our products are light weight, portable and can be used in endless applications.


Whether you are a weekend warrior, pro athlete or rehabilitating from injury, our products are used just about anywhere on the planet. Their portability and versatility makes them great for the home, gym, hotel, and office and just about anywhere imaginable.

Our Products

Our productSuperFlex Bands Grips designs mark a new Era in resistance training and performance programming.

SuperFlex revolutionary band designs are engineered through a proprietary layering system, which ensures a better performing, safer and more reliable band. This unique process of layering rubber of the highest quality combined with revolutionary band designs has merged to create three functional unique band lines.

The SuperFlex Resistance Training Equipment is patented and manufactured in the USA using the highest quality craftsmanship. Our wall and floor training equipment comes with a lifetime product guarantee.

Our Programs

After comprehensive research into elastic band training, and professional athlete performance training, SuperFlex® has been developed specific band training programs for golf, tennis and soccer.

Our Alliances

A central principle in the SuperFlex design process is the work with experts, and athletes both in-house and independently. We analyze feedback, opinions, and share information to design products that optimize high performance. There is no clearer testimonial than being accepted, utilized and promoted by the best in world at what they do.

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