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Golf Fitness Kit

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The SuperFlex Golf Fitness kit consists of 5 SuperFlex Resistance bands 40″, workout handles with clips, door attachment harness, mesh travel bag, instructional golf fitness program DVD, and a workout poster which follow’s long with the dvd exercises.  The SuperFlex Golf Fitness Kit was picked the Top 12 coolest items at 2012 PGA Show!  Our SuperFlex band exercises combine muscle strengthening and stretching techniques while at the same time are joint-friendly.


Golf Fitness Kit

The SuperFlex Golf Fitness Kit combines joint friendly muscle strengthening and stretching exercises and techniques. Watch video here.

Why Purchase Our Program For Your Golf Game?

  • If you’re looking to improve your golf game, add distance to your drives and increase your overall fitness level then the SuperFlex Golf training system is what you are looking for.
  • SuperFlex for Golf’s dynamic warm-up along with muscle stretching and strengthening techniques will dramatically reduce the risk of injury while improving balance, power and flexibility on and off the course.
  • Increase your speed and improve your endurance by following the exercises in the core and strength training chapters.
  • Stretch and work on flexibility while enhancing your swing’s mobility and stability.

As an added bonus we will show you how to get loose on the course with our SuperFlex Golf Cart Warm-up featuring PGA Pro Gary Woodland.

  • Prehab and prevent potential injuries
  • Longer distance on drives
  • Golf-specific strengthening and stretching
  • Core strength and Core speed
  • Specialized flexibility training
  • Explosive swing speed and power
  • Dynamic stretching and warm-up
  • Back pain management
  • On-the- road travel training
  • Manage pain
  • Upperbody strength and speed
  • Lowerbody strength and speed
  • Golfing longevity



The SuperFlex Golf Fitness Kit comes with (5) SuperFlex 40″ resistance bands, a door attachment, workout handles with clips, mesh travel bag, instructional golf fitness program DVD, and workout poster which follow’s the program.



Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 14 x 3 x 3 in