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Stability Ball


Our stability ball is 55 cm in width which is small-medium sized ball and is used primarily for core stability exercises. It’s a durable high-quality exercise ball. Perform a variety of different core strengthen and explosion exercise off the ball.

Stability Ball

Our gray stability ball is a durable high quality ball that is 55 cm in width. It is a small to medium sized ball that can be used for a variety of total body exercises. Perform different core strengthening and stability exercises off the ball by lying or sitting on it.  Train the upper body by using fitness bands and medicine balls to add resistance to the exercises. Incorporate the ball into core and lower body exercises to increase total body strength and stability.

The ball comes with instructions on how to inflate it.

Warning – Stability balls are only to be used for body weight exercises.

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 10 x 3 x 3 in