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SuperFlex Movement Bands 80″ and 110″ are used to develop SPEED, AGILITY, QUICKNESS, and ENDURANCE.

Why Movement Band training?

– The Movement bands come in four different resistance strengths and two different lengths.
– Our 80′ bands are double in length and our 110″ bands are triple in length. (As compared to our 40″ Resistance Band)
– Create sport specific movement drills which can be tailored to your sports demands.
– Two athletes or boot campers can train at the same time with these bands. (Caution do not over stretch)
– Physical therapists use our Movement bands for rehabilitating ankle and knee injuries by performing a variety of walking and mobility exercises.
– They can be used on soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, football fields, fitness centers and gyms. (Anywhere)

See our Movement Band videos below