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Wall Station Package


SuperFlex Wall Station Package comes with Wall station, Total Resistance band package, Workout handles and clips. Band rack and Ankle straps.

Wall Station Package

The SuperFlex Wall Station Package includes the SuperFlex Wall Station, Band rack, Resistance Bands 40″ Total package, workout handles and clips, and ankle straps. The stations can be installed into home gyms, fitness facilities, golf clubhouse fitness centers, high school and collegiate training rooms, physical therapy and Chiropractic offices.  All Packages come with the proper install hardware and directions.  Each of our training equipment pieces (Wall Station and Band Rack) are made here in the USA using the highest quality in craftsmanship.  We offer a lifetime guarantee on the training equipment that comes in the package.  For more information on our Wall station click here.

Package Items:

Wall Station
Band Rack
1 sets of Resistance Bands 40″ #1 – #8 (9 bands)
Workout Handles and Clips
Ankle Straps


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Weight 350.0 oz
Dimensions 25 x 15.0 x 16 in