Sports Specific Training – Use our Resistance Bands, Functional Training Bands and our Movement bands to:

Why band training for sports?

– Train your sports demands by adding resistance to any exercise and movement.
– Create a more Elastic athlete.
– Ensures a stronger, more flexible and explosive athlete while decreasing risk of injury.
– Joint friendly training.
– Wall and Floor training equipment to meet your facilities needs.
– Band training often translate more effectively to actual competition speeds as opposed to strength gains from traditional weight training.

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SuperFlex band training can be used to improve an athlete’s flexibility, stability, strength, speed, conditioning and power all while enhancing coordinated movement. Integrate the band work with other fitness methods by adding to the athlete’s total training program. Our unique band designs assist other training methods such as weight training, plyometrics, agility training and other forms of improving physical fitness by adding an elastic and overloading component. The goal is to help construct a more complete athlete by increasing performance, reducing and eliminating injury. Resistance band training is used at every level of athletic development and competition. More and more athletes, parents, coaches and trainers are discovering this safer and extremely effective results