SuperFlex Resistance Bands and Training Equipment

SuperFlex Fitness is recognized as an International leader in resistance band training, education and band designs for sports fitness, muscle flexibility, ease of movement, and rehabilitation. Our Super Bands are the proper tool for cross-training, fitness training and core exercises at every skill level.

Functional and resistance training exercises with SuperFlex resistance bands and training equipment will help increase lean muscle mass, strength, and mobility, as the exercises are tailored to the individual for their particular fitness level, sport or activity.    Learn more

Sports Training


SuperFlex resistance bands can be used to improve an athlete’s flexibility, stability, strength, speed, conditioning and power all while enhancing performance.

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Fitness Training

Improve your health and body by integrating our SuperFlex bands and training exercises into your workout routines, fitness goals and daily lifestyle.




Our progressive lite Resistance Bands and Wall Stations are used for rehabilitation in physical therapy clinics, hospitals as well as chiropractic offices.


Functional Training Bands

Our Functional Training Bands 70″ come in four different resistance band strengths.


Movement Bands

Our Movement Band line has been designed to enhance speed, agility, and quickness.

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Training Equipment

Mounted Wall and Floor Training Stations designed for in-home, rehab or fitness centers.

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Our Award-winning Golf Fitness Kit

  • Improve your golf game, add distance to your drives and increase your overall fitness level
  • Dramatically reduce the risk of injury while improving balance, power and flexibility on and off the course.
  • Increase your speed and improve your endurance by following the exercises in the core and strength training chapters.
  • Stretch and work on flexibility while enhancing your swing’s mobility and stability.

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superflex fitness golf swing kit