SuperFlex® Fitness: High-Performance Resistance Bands

SuperFlex® Fitness stands as an international leader in resistance band training. Our bands are catered towards sports training, muscle flexibility, mobility, and rehabilitation. Our SuperFlex Bands provide the versatility needed for cross-training, fitness routines, and core exercises, making them suitable for every fitness level.

The SuperFlex band must be a staple in every individual’s workout routine. Available in a wide range of lengths and resistance levels, these bands are designed to target and activate every possible muscle group you aim to strengthen and stretch.

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Functional Training Bands

Our Functional Training Bands 70″ come in four different resistance band strengths.


Movement Bands

Our Movement Band line has been designed to enhance speed, agility, and quickness.

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Training Equipment

Mounted Wall and Floor Training Stations designed for in-home, rehab or fitness centers.

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Our Award-winning Golf Fitness Kit


Enhance your golf game:

  • Add distance to your drives
  • Boost club head speed
  • Increase range of motion

Flexibility and swing improvement:

  • Enhance your swing’s mobility and stability
  • Activate every essential muscle group
  • Improve balance, power, and flexibility both on and off the course

Injury prevention and longevity

  • Reduce the risk of common golf injuries
  • Strengthen joints and connective tissues
  • Promote long-term muscle health and durability
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superflex fitness golf swing kit

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