Our SuperFlex Therapy bands and products are used for physical rehabilitation and preventative exercise protocols. Our bands have been designed for function and performance and are used by athletes, physical therapy clinics, chiropractors and anyone and everyone looking to improve their physical condition. Our therapy bands have the reputation and are known to be of the highest quality bands found anywhere in the world. The are designed to effectively and efficiently improve strength, flexibility, stability, mobility and joint range of motion.

The therapy bands enhance elasticity, viscoelasticity, strength and function in tendons, ligaments, joints and protective muscle groups. They build stability and strength which helps to rehabilitate injuries as well as decrease the chance for a recurring injury.

Our award winning Lite Resistance Pack bands are designed to gradually increase in tensile strengths which allows the therapist to slightly increase resistance as strength and function improves. Our 5 different looped bands in the Resistance Lite Pack come in varying thicknesses starting with the #1 Sky Blue 40″ band. Each resistance level is distinguished it’s tensile strength and dual colors of the band. The 5 different bands can be interchanged and connected to our workout handles and clips to complete a fully functional 5 band set.  For example one set of workout handles and clips can be used and connected to all 5 bands in the Lite Resistance Pack.

Our therapy bands are different from tubing and Therabands because they are not hollow like tubing or a single layer flat band.  Our bands are multi-layered layered into one continual looped band which allows for a much smoother and fluid feel in the recoiling action of the band. The layering process also creates a band with no weak spot in the band.  Looped bands that are molded which means the ends are melted together tend to be more likely to snap at the molded weak spot.  SuperFlex bands are designed for increased safety and t0 decrease the risk of injury from cheaply made tubing, molded and thin one layer bands that have a higher rate of failure.

Particularly popular for shoulder rehabilitation and strengthening, SuperFlex therapy products approach rehabilitation through multiple planes, angles, lighter tensile strengths, and functional performance.

  • Please note SuperFlex bands carries the thinnest and lightest tensile strength 40″ looped bands found anywhere in the world.


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