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Band Training 101 : 5 Ways to Train Using Resistance Bands

Today, let’s discuss 5 ways to train using resistance bands. One of the most publicized reasons for using resistance bands is the fact that it is versatile. However, when people give this reason, it is usually followed with exercises that can be replicated with dumbbells. There is so much more to resistance band training than […]

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Band Training 101 : 5 Resistance Band Anchor Ideas

Resistance bands are great for any strength training or rehabilitation program. As we discussed in our blog, Band Training 101: 5 Reasons to Use a Resistance Band, band exercises can be functional, mimic sports-specific movement, and create better movers. When working out with a resistance band, people immediately anchor the band to or around themselves. […]


Improving Lead Leg Movement

A common fault that we see among amateur golfers is improper lead leg movement. Many players in an attempt to stabilize their lower bodies end up hampering their ability to properly load into the trail side hip and glute. When improper lead leg movement occurs, multiple mechanical issues can result. In this blog, we will […]