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SuperFlex Door Harness


This 36-inch band door harness is easily and effectively secured behind door jams or even around a pole. The 1-inch nylon strap has two plastic tubes attached around the strap lengthwise. The 1 x 4 inch tube locks behind any door jam and can be used at any selected height, and from the top of the door. The 1 x 8 inch plastic tube serves as an anchor for the bands.

SuperFlex Door Harness

The SuperFlex door harness is a 36-inch band door attachment that is easily and effectively secured between  the door and the door frame.  The door harness can be placed just about anywhere in the door. The door attachment can be placed on the top of the door or at any spot length wise along the door frame.

The door harness can also be used around smaller poles on soccer fields or tennis courts by looping the attachment around the pole and then the band around the plastic tubing.

The attachment consists of 1″ black strapping and 2 pieces of tubing which are used to secure the harness between the door and frame and the 2nd tube piece is used to secure the band around it.

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 7 x 1 x 1 in