SuperFlex FitnessGET RESULTS!

SuperFlex Bands were formulated to meet the needs of everyone from world-class athletes, to active seniors, to stay-at-home-moms, and just about anyone who wants to get fit.

Why are these SuperFlex Bands superior to other resistance bands on the market?
SuperFlex uses the highest quality latex in combination with a proprietary band layering process. This process ensures for a better performing, safer, more reliable band.

When Superior Resistance is added to these revolutionary band designs and then coupled with resistance band training programs, you get Superior Results!

Integrate SuperFlex Bands into your lifestyle for the most complete and versatile resistance band workout system on the market. They will help you move, feel, and look better!



Who Uses SuperFlex Bands?
The bands have been created and designed for men’s and women’s fitness, athletes of all ages, kids, active seniors, and everyone else in between. No matter what your fitness levels are, you will achieve dramatic results using the bands.

Teaching instructors in many sports are using the bands to train motor patterns and sport skills. Personal trainers, Sports Performance specialists and therapists are working the bands with their clients to improve their fitness, sports performance and corrective exercise.

Where Do You Use SuperFlex Bands?
They can be used at home, in a hotel room, in a gym or even in the golf course locker room. Your SuperFlex bands can be taken and used just about anywhere imaginable. Simply use the bands wherever you are for a warm-up.

Why Are SuperFlex Bands So Versatile?
They can be looped or tied around almost anything from poles, massage tables or gym equipment. They can be used with accessories to change up the routine.

Accessories include handle with clips, squat straps, ankle straps and a door harness. All of these can be interchanged and used in a variety of ways to add versatility and comfortability of movement to change up the routine.