SuperFlex® Training for Golf

Learn how to utilize and integrate SuperFlex® bands golf training exercises into your daily training program.  This workshop combines joint friendly muscle strengthening, stretching and mobility exercises along with training techniques to increase your on course performance. In this program we will address band safety along with creative and innovative ways to use SuperFlex bands to warm up, increase driving distance all while decreasing the risk of injury.  Dave will teach you how to integrate the bands into daily fitness programming to strengthen core, shoulder health and swing speed.

Improve your Golf Performance with SuperFlex®

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Dynamic Warm-up with Prehab

Learn how to use SuperFlex® bands for a dynamic warm-up and preventative program.  Resistance bands have become one of the worlds leading training tools for Rehab and Prehab.  Prehab is preventative rehab and can be accomplished in combination with your warmup routine.  His workshop will help lead to fewer injuries and better physical and mental preparedness.

This workshop will teach you how to loosen up, prep and stretch the body prior to a practice session, match or tournament round.  We’ll explain how bands get the fast twitch muscles firing and activated.

Top Performers Use Dynamic Warm-up

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Core Training Anywhere

Learn how to engage and strengthen your core using SuperFlex® bands.  In this 90 minute workshop Dave will teach you core activation exercises focuses on core stability, strength and rotational power.  This course will also include core stability through a series of  “anti” rotation, extension and flexion exercises.  Glute and scapular activation will also be focused on with their importance in core stability.

Strengthen Your Core When and Where You Want

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Shoulder Health

One of the most vulnerable areas of injury in the body is the shoulder region.

This program will teach shoulder stretching, strengthening and mobility exercises to help correct underworked posterior muscles while de-emphasizing the typically overworked anterior muscles of the shoulder.  Also focused upon is balance of shoulder mobility and stability. Time will be dedicated to strengthening rotator cuff, scapular muscles, and shoulder musculature. 

Shoulders Are Vital, But Vulnerable

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