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Why join with us?
The SuperFlex® Affiliate Program is a great way to earn money. If you have a website or want to spread the word about SuperFlex® Bands, you can make cash commissions. Whether you choose to tailor your web page to a fitness/health audience and write a generic article on fitness or weight loss to appeal to your reader is completely up to you.

•Earn a commission rate of 15% commissions on new & repeat purchases.

•We supply the banner graphics, you display our digital banner ad on your website that drives traffic to our website & ultimately converts to sales.

•No cost to join

•We have a dedicated Affiliate Support Team to answer all your questions

•And we make prompt payments in the first week of every month for the preceding month.

We do request though that you don’t optimize your site using the word ‘SuperFlex®’ (except if written content from our datafeed is provided, this can be displayed with the brand SuperFlex® written).

Affiliate FAQs

Commission payments
When will you pay me for the affiliate commission I’ve earned?
SuperFlex® pays affiliate commissions in the first week of every month for commissions earned in the preceding month.

How much do I have to earn before I will be paid?
SuperFlex® requires a commission balance of $50 before a commission payment is issued. If you earn less than $50 in commissions during one month, that balance rolls over until the combined total of all unpaid commissions reaches $50 or more.

Can I be paid through PayPal?
Yes, absolutely. That is our preferred method of paying commissions – it is the quickest way for us to send the funds and you to receive them.

Can I receive a check in the mail?
Of course. We will revert to this form of payment if you do not choose to be paid via paypal.

Click here to sign up or log into the affiliate area.