Band Strength


Strengthen your body like never before with Barre Bands. You will strengthen and sculpt your muscles against rubberized resistance, while keeping the tension with each and every exercises for ultimate definition. Multiple repetitions to fatigue will help to create strength in each and every muscle with the many exercises you can execute with this band.

Band Sculpt


This is the heart pounding cardio with rubberized resistance that will burn calories and sculpt your body for amazing results in a short amount of time. The bands allows for constant tension, which results in a constant workload with no rest for the muscle. With multiple variations, regressions, and progressive options, these bands make it possible for any participant to be successful in their training.

Band Flexibility

This section focuses on stretching the body for injury prevention and promoting flexibility which is crusial for all activates. Exercises are designed to lengthen the muscles against rubberized resistance keeping the tension in the tissue while performing the movement. Similar to a Pilates reformer you will feel more flexible and balanced with much
greater posture and performance in all activities





The Body Barre Bands are ideal for strength training because the user is not only working against the bands resistance, but they are also working against their own body weight. When talking about strength training, most people immediately think of barbells and free weights, but Barre Bands are easily more functional, as well as infinitely more mobile. This added freedom has the added benefit of toning the users body all over. The mobility of the Barre bands also allows the user to mimic everyday activities, as well as more specific, sports related motions.

Barre Bands are also safer than non-resistance band based workouts. Barre Bands are far easier on your joints since the bands offer a low impact work out. There are no heavy weights pushing down on your joints.

The Barre Band is an essential piece if equipment for strength training because it engages multiple muscle areas with every single use. High repetition done to just light fatigue will enhance strength in each muscle.

Your muscles are quick to adapt and learn routines that are performed often. The Barre Bands are flexible enough to provide a much needed change of pace. This variety keeps your body engaged and challenged, which results in a more intense and efficient workout.


The Body Barre Band BBB is a new revolutionary piece of equipment in the field of resistance based training. Our Body Barre Bands enable the user to achieve even greater levels of flexibility when compared to traditional means. The Barre Bands are not your typical everyday resistance bands made with plastic tubing. The Barre Bands are composed of a new synthetic material that outshines traditional plastic tubing in every possible way.

One of the most common causes of injury while working out is that a person can strain or sprain a muscle. This is caused by a lack of proper stretching. Repeating the strenuous motions required in a lot of exercises only exacerbates the problem. The problem is easily reminded however. All one needs to do is a quick warm up using the Barre Bands. This would help prevent a good amount of these injuries.

The Barre Band texture is much more resilient and durable than the average resistance band. Flexibility is a key part of any strong and well rounded fitness regime. The Barre Bands move with your body, which results in less strain on your body which leads to better and more effective training sessions.

The bands can be adjusted and adapted to any number of different positions. Since the Barre Band moves with the body the user can stretch and the band provides the requisite resistance, but the important part happens when the user returned to their resting position. The Barre Band provides resistance through all the range of motions, effectively doubling the output.

The Barre Bands are ideal for use in yoga and Pilates. The Barre Band is an all in one, wholly encompassing piece of equipment for Pilates. . The bands will strengthen and lengthen your muscles. The resistance keeps the tension in your muscles during each and every exercise you do which helps create peak body definition.

The Body Barre Bands are the perfect piece of equipment to accentuate and enhance the users flexibility.