SuperFlex®’ with legendary fitness trainer and educator Leslee Bender are excited to announce a new product for the Barre market.  Meet Barre Bands™. This is the only band on the market designed to strengthen all areas of the body while allowing movement through all three planes of motion simultaneously. The specific circular shape was designed to allow for students to wrap the band around the bar or themselves, execute movement with the band held on each extremity, and to be used in a typical band fashion. The variety offered with the Barre Band will quickly make it your favorite piece of equipment in your fitness barre, Pilates, Yoga, and strength classes. Order your Barre Bands™ today!

Add the band to simulate Pilates reformer exercises without the need for an actual reformer. Imagine the assisted stretches your clients will be capable of executing with the help of this adaptable Barre Bands™. Barre choreography can break away from single plane motions when you add the Barre Bands™.

Another amazing aspect of this Barre Bands™ is the fact that it is portable. Pack this band in your suitcase and workout anywhere with no additional weight added to your luggage. In addition to being portable, these bands are easy to store, completely affordable for your facility, and require little-to-no cleaning and up-keep needed. For busy fitness professionals and fitness fanatics, the Barre Bands™ will quickly become your most-used piece of equipment.

Barre Bands™ will revolutionize your classes and training sessions by using this specialized multi-planar band resistance.  Our Barre Bands™ and band exercises are great for flexibility, strength and sculpting. The unique and proprietary design of the band gets results never seen before in band training!

The Barre Bands™ are ideal for strength training because the user is not only working against the band resistance, but they are also working against their own body weight.  The bands are able to easily simulate the concentric and eccentric muscle contractions that are used in Pilates and barre exercises. Barre Bands™ are easily more functional, as well as infinitely more versatile, than any other band or tube on the market. dave-and-leslee

Please check out our new blogs dedicated entirely to Barre and Pilates band training, featuring world renowned fitness guru Leslee Bender. In consultation with Leslee Bender, SuperFlex® has developed a number of exercise routines that utilize the Barre Bands™.

Leslee is a phenomenal trainer with over 25 years of experience. Not only is she the creator of the Bender Ball and the Bender Method, but she has also produced over 30 fitness DVDs. Leslee specializes in functional training with a focus on rehabilitation techniques.If you want to see more ideas using the Barre Bands™, please check out Leslee Bender’s blogs, where she shares her ideas for integrating this versatile piece of equipment into her barre, Pilates, and Yoga classes.