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Resistance band exercises for Men & Women

Improve your overall health by integrating our resistance bands into your stretching exercises, fitness and lifestyle.

  • Our bands are affordable, lightweight, portable and are available in varying sizes and tensions.
  • SuperFlex® Bands will help burn body fat, increase lean muscle, improve posture, gain strength, and increase mobility. The resistance bands are joint friendly compared to weights and make them great for all age groups.
  • SuperFlex® Bands are great for getting fit fast, losing weight, firming and toning your muscles.
  • Warm up with stretching exercises using SuperFlex® Bands to elongates muscles, ligaments and tendons. The result is improved flexibility, range of motion, and joint mobility.

SuperFlex® provides easy to follow resistance band exercises for a optimal strength training regime for Baby Boomers and Active Seniors. Our Bands don’t put pressure on the joints, which makes them good for all ages and fitness levels. Increase muscle tone or build lean muscle!

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Resistance band exercises for Women

Abs: For A-list abs, SuperFlex® bands burn your abs like nothing before. Increase every move with resistance to strengthen and tone your mid-section.

Arms: Tone & sculpt biceps and triceps without making them too bulky. SuperFlex® Bands create long, lean muscles.

Back & Shoulders: Work the deltoids and develop a lean and taut back. Turn heads when you leave the room.

Legs, Hips & Glutes: SuperFlex® Bands are the ultimate weapon to sculpt, shape and lift these areas and create the perfect round butt.

SuperFlex® Bands are also an excellent addition to your Pilates or Yoga routine. They are available in various levels of resistance to choose a band tension that offers the best challenge and variety.


man finishing a resistance band exercise

Resistance band exercises & Stretching exercises for Men

Chest/Back: Build a strong cut chest and solid back.

Shoulders: Train shoulders from multiple angles hitting all the smaller and larger muscles.

Arms: Pump bi’s and tri’s to shape and build.

Core: Blast the core from ways never thought imaginable.

Legs: Build strong lean explosive legs.

Metabolism: Fire up the engine with resistance band exercise influenced cross training routines using SuperFlex® bands.

Versatility: Train anywhere and everywhere from the beach to your hotel room.

Supplement: Add SuperFlex® bands into your current gym program to create muscle confusion and add different stretching exercises into your workout routine.


ZeroGravity_05-14-14-36-200x300“SuperFlex® Fitness bands have been a great addition to our facility. The SuperFlex® concept fits perfectly into the vision we have for our gym. Zero Gravity was the first to incorporate Superflex Fitness bands into a group setting, and it was a success! It’s a class that our clients have really enjoyed. The SuperFlex® Wall and Floor systems has also been a great addition to our fitness and sport specific programs. We have utilized the bands in our youth and professional athlete programs. I would encourage anyone, who wants to stay on the cutting edge of the fitness industry, to include the SuperFlex® system into their fitness programming.”


Leo Acioli, BS
Owner of Zero Gravity Fitness