Championship Track

This program is limited to a number of elite professionals who are provided with a comprehensive integrated holistic approach to performance training. It incorporates advanced sports training techniques, performance enhancement strategies and uses a team approach to achieve winning results.

Athletes have credited the innovative training techniques for their rapid recovery from injury, longer athletic careers, breakthrough performances and championship victories. This is a full-time program that is periodized for the athletes year-long competitive schedule.

(Limited enrollment)

Professional Track

This program is for the amateur or professional athlete who is taking their game to the next level while competing on the Qualifying/Pro tours. Professional track athletes will get in Orlando sport specific training and customized on the road plans to meet their physical and performance goals. With world class training and educational training information the athlete improves their overall athletic ability while using the the principles of periodization training. After an initial analysis and screening, a series of preliminary training sessions are performed to determine a strategy to achieve short and long term physical and performance goals. The program can also be designed for a specific number of sessions due to athlete traveling schedule. (Limited enrollment)

Rising Stars Track

This program uses an integrated holistic approach to develop the young athletes in a safe, motivating, technically effective and positive environment. The disciplined approach has been very successful in giving direction to young competitors who plan on competing at the collegiate and professional levels.

Young athletes have received college scholarships or have turned ‘professional’ directly out of high school. We generally recommend that the junior athlete complete their full education before turning professional. Young individuals that are chosen are highly motivated, disciplined and driven. The program is set up for 3 – 6 month commitments.

(Limited Enrollment)

Assessment and Packages

Golf Fitness Assessment: this is a ½ day session designed to evaluate acute and chronic injuries, postural strain patterns, core strength, and flexibility related to your golf swing. Corrective and training exercises are given to improve targeted areas.

Golf Specific Training Package: this is a 3, 5 or 10 session package in which the athlete receives a golf fitness assessment and golf fitness plan utilizing a band training system which is customized and designed for you.