Train with SuperFlex® founder Dave Herman.

Learn powerful resistance training techniques and to how utilize the SuperFlex® bands training system. Dave Herman is considered as one of the world’s leading authorities in resistance band training techniques.

The ½ day session is designed to teach resistance training techniques and innovative band training exercises focusing on dynamic warm-ups, strength, speed, stretching, stability and movement training drills.

Band Care – introduce bands, discuss nicks, ground, rusted poles, salt and band cleaning.

Band lines – resistance bands, functional training bands, movement bands.

Band Safety – eyes, thumb, shoulder, slip off foot, wrists safety.

Attachment Points – grips, hands, shoes, squat straps.

Wall Station Attachments – single band, dual band, kinesis, vectors.

BandWork – innovative band training exercises.

  • The SuperFlex® Band Training program can be customized to meet your personal goals.
  • The Training program can be customized to ½ day or full day.


Bring Dave to you.

Bring Dave to your gym, facility. club or University for the latest innovative resistance band training techniques and program design. Dave will begin with band training basics to introduce staff, members, and athletes to the SuperFlex® system. Then he will move to innovative band training exercises focusing on dynamice warm-ups, strength, speed, stretching, stability and movement training drills.

SuperFlex® Bands – Sports Specific Training Optimizes and enhances body’s natural movement, Increases the elastic component of an athlete, Ensures a stronger, more flexible and explosive athlete while decreasing risk of injury

Golf Training with SuperFlex® Bands helps you to get in better golf shape, pick up some distance, prevent injuries or simply knock out a quick 5 minute dynamic warm-up. For info on Golf Training benefits, Higher physical levels of performance for longer periods of time, Enhances career longevity.

Tennis Training with SuperFlex® Bands helps you to get in better tennis shape by incorporating tennis specific strengthening, stretching, and dynamic warm-ups all while increasing the body’s over-all physical condition and ability to move to the ball. For info on Tennis Training benefits,

Training with SuperFlex® Bands gains from resistance bands often translate more effectively to actual competition speeds as opposed to strength gains from traditional weight training. SuperFlex® bands can be used to improve an athlete’s flexibility, stability, strength, speed, conditioning and power all while enhancing coordinated movement.

Integrate SuperFlex® Bands work with other fitness methods by adding to the athlete’s total program. Our unique bands assist other methods such as weight training, plyometrics, agility training and other forms of improving physical fitness by adding an elastic training component. The goal is to help construct a more complete athlete by increasing performance, reducing and eliminating injury.

Resistance band training is used at every level of athletic development and competition. More and more athletes, parents, coaches and trainers are discovering this safe and extremely effective method of training.

* Please see many of our Champion’s Testimonials about the bands.