SuperFlex Band Golf Warm Up and Activation

featuring Andrea Doddato


Prepping your body with a simple efficient warm-up before every round of golf or practice session can lead to lower scores, improved performance and more consistent rounds of golf. In this first of an eight blog series we will share with you different ways to use resistance bands to stretch, strengthen, activate, mobilize, stabilize all while enhancing core and body speed. In our first blog, SuperFlex Band Golf Warm Up and Activation, we have put together a  simple routine that can be performed for every body everywhere.

Activating your muscles and warming up before practice or competitive play can help to fire up muscle fibers along with loosening up joints to enhance golf swing efficiently.  It’s a valuable process that will help prep the body, reduce the chance of injury as well as engage the mindset.

The blogs will be featuring Andrea Doddato, Golf Digest’s 2 X Top 50 Best Golf Fitness Trainers in America.


The Routine

The routine consists of six exercises.  Focus on rhythmic breathing while performing each movement.  We recommend 10 repetitions for each exercise.


The SuperFlex Band used in the following exercises.

SuperFlex Band Golf Warm Up and Activation 


1.  Reverse Shoulder Sweep with Activation 

(Safely anchor band slightly higher than waist level)


2.  Forward Shoulder Sweep Stretch and Activate

(Safely anchor band slightly higher than waist level)


3.  Shoulder Sweep to Lat Activate 

(Standing on band with two feet sweep band to Y, Then pulldown to squeeze and activate Lats – hold for 2-3 seconds)


4.  Shoulder Sweep to Golf Swing Rotation

(Standing on band with two feet set scapula in T position.  In 5 iron poster mimic a  golf swing rotation side to side. Focus on your breath and rhythm while preforming the exercise.


5.  Shoulder Sweep to Squat

(Standing on band with two feet, sweep band to Y position arms above head setting scapula, then squat down keep arms straight above head)


6. Reverse Lunge with Band

Stand on band on with right foot while raising right arm straight above head. Set scapula then reverse (back) lunge for 10 reps. Switch to opposite arm and leg.


Andrea Doddato is a 2 X Golf Digest Top 50 Fitness Professional. She is one of the world’s foremost experts in golf fitness having over 25 years in the industry, training over 50 tour players and aiding in over 45 professional tour wins.  She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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