SuperFlex Golf Fitness Kit has been awarded the 2018 Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award!  This is the third year in a row SuperFlex has won the distinguished award for best in golf fitness training. The award is given to fitness and training products that focus on three main areas.

  1. Things that improve flexibility, so you can make a fluid golf swing.
  2. Things that make your body stronger and more stable, so you can make a powerful golf swing while keeping your balance.
  3. Things that protect your joints and soft tissue from wear and tear.

These three main areas define the results achievable when working with the SuperFlex Golf Fitness Kit. The kit utilizes SuperFlex bands and focuses on joint friendly exercises that combine muscle strengthening and stretching techniques along with dynamic warm-ups and core training exercises.


SuperFlex Golf Fitness Kit
SuperFlex Golf Fitness Kit


What are SuperFlex Bands?

Our SuperFlex bands are the most popular resistance bands in golf and are used by touring and teaching professionals worldwide—on all professional golf tours and in many of the top junior golf academies in the world. The bands come in three different band lines and are designed for functional performance. Many of the bands in each band line cannot be found anywhere else in the world. That’s what makes SuperFlex so different from all the other bands. Our reputation for having the highest quality bands is due to the proprietary, dual layering process which makes our bands so unique. Band layering is rolling one continuous layer of rubber on top of another layer which results in no weak spots and the perfect band.

Our Lite Resistance Band Package has been a Golf Digest Editors Choice Award Winner in 2016 and 2017 for Best Resistance Bands. Their unique design and this golf-tailored package make them the perfect set of bands for exercises targeting physical therapy, small muscle groups, balance training, and dynamic warmups.

For more information on SuperFlex Fitness and our award winning products please visit our website.


3 thoughts on “SuperFlex Golf Fitness Kit 2018 Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award!

  1. Russell Berry says:

    I just read the article in the current Golf Digest about Andrea Doddato’s band exercises. Is the SuperFlex Golf Fitness Kit what I need in order to do these exercises?

    • Kristin Herman says:

      Yes. The kit comes with everything you will need. And there’s a golf fitness program that comes with it too.

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