1.0 Lite/Mid Pack


The Tennis Evolution Band Package is designed to enhance mobility, flexibility, strength, and quickness for tennis players. Players will use these bands to prevent injuires, increase mobility and stability so that they can perform aty their highest level on court. The SuperFlex bands will help educate the players to “FEEL” how to efficiently utilize their lower body and upper body to produce their best result. Due to the unique design and portabilityof the bands, players will be able to use these  bands anytime, anywhere, to get primied for peak tennis performances.

The 1.0 Lite/Mid Pack comes with SuperFlex Resistance Bands #1 Lite Blue, #2 Green, #3 Blue, #4 Orange, #4.5 Yellow #5 Red and Mini bands Yellow Lite and Medium Green.  The package also includes a Door Harness along with Workout handles and clips.