I cannot remember a year in the past that I have been more excited for.  The Athletes Training Team is ready to ATTACK in 2010!  Everyone is healthy, relaxed and getting physically EXPLOSIVE!

Most athletes are moving through the off-season (preparation) phase into a pre-competitive phase.  Training days will now become longer, due to the fact that the athletes will spend a larger percentage of the day working on their sport specific technical skills.
Just a quick ‘GREAT JOB!’ shout out to the David Leadbetter coaches (Dave, Sean, Kevin and Andrew) for their world-class instruction with many of AT’s golfers.  The relaxation effect the players are showing comes from the confidence they are feeling with their swings.

Leander and Rennae begin their 2010 season next week in Australia preparing for the Australian Open tournament in mid-January. We’ll be following them closely and waiting for Coach Ricky Leach’s return to Leander’s camp.  So hustle back Coach Leach!

Athletes Training will utilize two key techniques, Breathwork and Balance, to prepare our athletes for breakthrough performances and Championship WINS in 2010!  Stay tuned to the next blog where we will utilize some important breathing exercises that will help you to get through those tough moments.

Stay disciplined,

Coach D

Dave and Tyler Stretching it out early.
Dave and Tyler Stretching it out early.