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How to Use Barre Bands to Create Regressions

While teaching group fitness classes, one of the most important things to be aware of is the safety need of your class participants. However, when teaching public classes, you often do not know the entire class’s limitations prior to creating your class. It’s vital for all group fitness instructors to have a few tricks up […]

Three Tips for Creating Compound Movements

When talking about strength training, most people immediately think of barbells, free weights, and single-joint actions. But Barre Bands are easily more functional, as well as infinitely more mobile, than those options. Single-joint actions are not functional in daily life. Instead of focusing on simple motions, we should be training multiple muscle groups at once, […]

3 Fun Upper Body Sequences for Your Barre Class

Training Session 8

Barre fitness classes are hot right now. These group fitness classes focus on muscular endurance, while incorporating standing Pilates, yoga, and ballet-inspired movements. The fitness barre movement does not have actual ballet motions, as a ballet barre class would, but instead focuses on repeating a strength exercise to the level of fatigue, while moving to […]

Make Your Class Unique with Barre Bands

Dave Herman

As a barre, Pilates, and group fitness instructor, I have tried various pieces of equipment to enhance my clients’ experience in my class. Bands have always been essential to an efficient and effective class in which you can regress and progress movements on the spot. But sometimes the bands provided are inadequate as they break, crack, […]