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Improving Your Swing Speed in a Controlled Manner


During our series from Zach Parker, we have focused on the order and synchronicity of a proper golf swing. This set up is very important to accurately drive the ball, but what about speed? Sometimes while in the mindset of proper form and order, we slow the swing too much. This results in a lackluster […]

One Golf Swing Myth and One Golf Swing Truth

Lead Arm

It can be overwhelming to consider all of the elements required for an impact with a square clubface along with a clubhead path down the target line. We recommend reading our past blogs on this topic for additional guidance on body order and placement. Today, we want to share with you one more strategy for […]

The Problem with Compensation and Your Golf Swing

Golf Swing

One of the main goals of training for golf specific functionality is to create an effective and accurate swing. The more control you have over the swing itself, the more control you have over the golf ball. The more control over the ball, the lower your scores will be. The cleaner your mechanics are, the less […]

How to Move the Hips and Lead Leg in the Proper Golf Swing Sequence


Last week, we introduced you to the proper sequence to “load to explode.” We need to move in an opposing direction in order to provide force to an action in the opposite direction. This is true in terms of right and left as well as up and down. To jump, you must bend the knees […]

The Sequencing Needed to Generate Power in the Golf Swing

Strength and Sequencing Needed to Generate Power in the Golf Swing (1)

To better your golf swing, you need a basic overview and understanding of anatomy and movement. In this blog, Zach Parker, one of the industry leaders in junior development, defines some of the basic terminologies as well as demonstrates an exercise that is sure to help you better understand the strength and the sequencing needed to […]

Steepening of the Shaft in the Golf Swing Transition


Here at SuperFlex Fitness, we want to help you become the best athlete you can. From blogs on group fitness to beginners and sports specific, we are here to educate, share, and promote athletic training. We have partnered with Zach Parker, one of the industry leaders in junior development. Zach currently is based at the […]