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SuperFlex Metabolic Muscle Matrix Upper Body 2.0

Vince McConnell Metabolic Muscle Matrix 2

SuperFlex Metabolic Muscle Matrix Upper Body 2.0 In the first segment of the SuperFlex M3 series, we covered Upper Body 1.0, which emphasized unilateral (single-arm) variations of foundational push/pull band exercises for the upper body. In this segment, we present SuperFlex Metabolic Muscle Matrix Upper Body 2.0, which implements bilateral variations of those push-pull exercises into […]

SuperFlex Metabolic Muscle Matrix Upper Body 1.0

Vince McConnell

SuperFlex Metabolic Muscle Matrix Upper Body 1.0   The tools of choice in the SuperFlex Metabolic Muscle Matrix Upper Body 1.0 are resistance bands. Metabolic muscle matrix stands for (M3) and the programs and workouts are designed by Coach Vince McConnell.  The workouts are optimal for travel and for those times when availability, physical impairment, or […]

How to Move the Hips and Lead Leg in the Proper Golf Swing Sequence

Last week, we introduced you to the proper sequence to “load to explode.” We need to move in an opposing direction in order to provide force to an action in the opposite direction. This is true in terms of right and left as well as up and down. To jump, you must bend the knees […]

The Sequencing Needed to Generate Power in the Golf Swing

To better your golf swing, you need a basic overview and understanding of anatomy and movement. In this blog, Zach Parker, one of the industry leaders in junior development, defines some of the basic terminologies as well as demonstrates an exercise that is sure to help you better understand the strength and the sequencing needed to […]

Band Training 101 : 5 Mistakes You May Be Making When Using Resistance Bands

As we have established over the past three months, band training is quite effective for everyone and in multiple environments. They are simple to use, easy to add regressions or progressions to movements, and diverse in training style. However, we all make mistakes sometimes. Below are some common mistakes fitness professionals and fitness fanatics make […]

Band Training 101 : 5 Aspects of a Great Band Warm-Up

One of the most overlooked and underdeveloped aspects of a workout is the warm-up. Trainers and clients alike quickly skip through his section to get to the more “important” exercises. A proper warm-up can help improve performance as well as prevent injuries, which is why we should spend more time preparing the body for the […]

Band Training 101 : 5 Ways to Train Using Resistance Bands

Today, let’s discuss 5 ways to train using resistance bands. One of the most publicized reasons for using resistance bands is the fact that it is versatile. However, when people give this reason, it is usually followed with exercises that can be replicated with dumbbells. There is so much more to resistance band training than […]

Band Training 101 : 5 Resistance Band Anchor Ideas

Resistance bands are great for any strength training or rehabilitation program. As we discussed in our blog, Band Training 101: 5 Reasons to Use a Resistance Band, band exercises can be functional, mimic sports-specific movement, and create better movers. When working out with a resistance band, people immediately anchor the band to or around themselves. […]

Band Training 101 : 5 Reasons to Use a Resistance Band

With resistance bands, you can execute just about any typical strength training exercise without the need for weights. The original design of the SuperFlex bands allows you to add additional movements to your catalog. But perhaps you’ve never or rarely have tried resistance bands. Why should you start? Here are our top 5 reasons to use a […]

Eliminate the Flat Backswing

A common fault that you see among amateur golfers is a flat backswing. When a player rolls the club behind their hands during the backswing, it takes multiple compensations to hit a solid golf shot. In this blog, we will provide you with technical advice plus drills to eliminate a flat backswing. One of the […]