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SuperFlex Band Core Activation and Strengthening

Pallof Press to Lunge with Rotation

SuperFlex Band Core Activation and Strengthening featuring Andrea Doddato   In our 2nd blog, SuperFlex Band Core Activation and Strengthening, we will focus on a series of Pallof Press based variations.  The exercises will begin with the fairly simple Pallof Press named after John Pallof.  It is a great anti rotational exercise used to train […]

SuperFlex Golf Fitness Kit 2018 Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award!


SuperFlex Golf Fitness Kit has been awarded the 2018 Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award!  This is the third year in a row SuperFlex has won the distinguished award for best in golf fitness training. The award is given to fitness and training products that focus on three main areas. Things that improve flexibility, so you can […]

SuperFlex M3 Metabolic Muscle Matrix

Vince McConnell

SuperFlex M3 Metabolic Muscle Matrix Introduction In the upcoming blog series, I will be presenting a complete band training program that is made up entirely of using SuperFlex Fitness Resistance Bands. This program is called SuperFlex M3 Matrix which stands for SuperFlex M3 Metabolic Muscle Matrix.  Each specific blog will have an program outline and videos […]

Band Training 101 : 5 Ways to Train Using Resistance Bands

5 ways to train using resistance bands

Today, let’s discuss 5 ways to train using resistance bands. One of the most publicized reasons for using resistance bands is the fact that it is versatile. However, when people give this reason, it is usually followed with exercises that can be replicated with dumbbells. There is so much more to resistance band training than […]

Band Training 101 : 5 Resistance Band Anchor Ideas

Training Session

Resistance bands are great for any strength training or rehabilitation program. As we discussed in our blog, Band Training 101: 5 Reasons to Use a Resistance Band, band exercises can be functional, mimic sports-specific movement, and create better movers. When working out with a resistance band, people immediately anchor the band to or around themselves. […]

Improving Golf Swing Body Pivot

As golf history has shown, players can play great golf from all sorts of different clubface, arm, and shaft positions. We can make up for less than perfect mechanics by improving the body pivot in the downswing. In this blog, we will focus on improving the golf swing body pivot and provide two great exercises […]

SuperFlex Golf Swing Kit

superflex-SuperFlex® Fitness Golf Swing Kit

Welcome to the future of Golf Swing Training! From the Creators of the award winning SuperFlex Golf Fitness Kit comes a revolutionary golf swing training aid that will help you to Hit it better and Hit it Longer! If you’re looking for ways to feel better and PLAY BETTER, the SuperFlex Golf Swing Kit is […]

Standing Core Exercises (video)

Standing Core Exercises - Resistance Band Training

Here are some new and exciting ways to train and challenge the core using functional training bands or resistance bands.  Begin by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and engage the core by plugging the pelvis into a neutral position all while squeezing your glutes. Setting this position will automatically engage your deep core […]