We’re a couple of weeks away from the start of summer and it’s already RED HOT! Our Rising Star Yueer Cindy Feng and Pro Track Star Ty Tryon have both qualified for the US Open Golf Championships! Leander Paes and Lukas Dlouhy just finaled in the French Open men’s doubles championships this past weekend, but fell a little short after winning the event in 2009. Skip Kendall finished 7th in Nationwide Tour event in Maryland and has had several solid performances on both the PGA and Nationwide tours. Cindy Feng successfully defended her 2009 Thunderbird Championship title with another victory there last month, and our Motin Yeung had a solid top 11 finish. Sandra Gal is back at it this week at the LPGA State Farm and Suzann returns to tour next week in Atlantic City. Trevor Immelman starts his big summer run at Pebble Beach next week.


Were headed into the middle of a competitive phase for all the athletes. With many of the golf and tennis majors just around the corner our focus shifts to STAYING LOOSE and RECOVERED. Dynamic band stretching integrated with stretching through 3-planes of motions will be primary tools this summer as the athletes increase and maintain flexibility through this challenging competitive period. Recovery through nutrition and supplements are vital to decrease muscle and joint soreness, ward off injuries and maintain consistent levels of performance through summer’s intense heat.

After trips to the Men’s and Women’s US Open Golf championships, it’s off to Washington in July as Leander and Rennae Stubbs go sleeveless for the 2009 World Team Tennis defending champs the Washington Kastles. At the end of summer we’ll head up to Portland with the LPGA Tours and then over to the US Open Tennis Championships in late August to watch Leander and Rennae make their runs for doubles titles.

Tyler Benzel has been on fire and here’s the link to some of TB’s recent baseball action. http://floridaleague.com/PressRoom/RecentNews/tabid/116/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/36/Benzel-Strikes-Lightning-Four-Times.aspx

Just a shout out ‘Great work’ to Bucky Maler on getting his 60 yard dash time to 6.85. Proud of you Auto! Also, Athlete’s Training is excited to reconnect with tennis’s young gun Jake Kolb out of Melbourne, Florida. Let’s go Jake! Kristina Wong rolls back into Orlando for the summer training next week and Terrance Zhang is prepped to strike. Were also excited to add a new addition, Ailin Li to the rising stars program.

Special thanks goes out to San Jeev Javia (Jeevers) for all his help and guidance with many of our athletes’ nutrition and supplementation programs. Jeevers is currently the Director of Health, Fitness and Nutrition as well as the Director of the Musculoskeletal Institute at the Steadman/Hawkins Clinic in Greenville, S.C.

So until the next blog…

Stay LOOSE and be Recovered!
Coach D