A common swing fault that hampers both high handicappers and elite golfers alike is the lack of backswing width. This is usually characterized by the lead arm bending in the backswing, the hands very close to the head at the top of the backswing, as well as, the appearance of an overly long backswing.

The loss of width can cause several ballstriking issues. The most common is inconsistent strikes where the club will bottom out too early or too late. It will also result in an individual having a weak ball flight. Last but not least, you lose a goood amount of power when you lose your width. Look at all the big hitters from past and present and they virtually all have tremendous backswing width.

The major cause of the loss of backswing width is when the torso stops turning and the arms continue the backswing. Elite level players stop their backswing when they stop their turn. There is no run on with their arms. Many individuals are tight in their thoracic spine which contributes to this swing fault.

There are two excellent exercises/drills that you can do with SuperFlex bands to eliminate the problem and create tremendous width like the big hitters on the PGA Tour. The first is the SuperFlex band backswing drill. You simply place a SuperFlex band under your left foot and then place the other end on the grip and grip the club normally. Your goal is to make a backswing, stretch the SuperFlex band as much as possible, and get the hands as far from your head as your can by the time you reach the top of the backswing. You will be shocked at the feeling this drill creates. Not only does it help with creating massive width and extension, but it also helps with teaching a powerful pivot.

The second drill is the SuperFlex band torso turn. You secure one end of the band onto a stable object and then stick your right arm through the opposite loop. From there you get in your golf posture, cross your arms across your chest, and make a backswing. Once again you are going to feel what a powerful backswing feels like.

What is great about SuperFlex bands is they not only strengthen but lengthen muscles at the same time. They are excellent tools for both golf fitness and golf technique. Plus they produce results fast! Check out the examples of the drills in the videos embedded within this blog then get to work. You will love the results!

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