Rio 2016: Leander Paes Competes for his record breaking 7th Olympic Games.

Tennis super star and SuperFlex team member Leander Paes will be competing next week in his 7th Olympic games, a new record set in tennis. Paes who is already one of the most decorated doubles players in tennis history has been rewriting record books in 2016 with a record breaking Grandslam win at the French Open.

Leander has been chosen to partner in Rio with 36 year old Rohan Bopanna in the mens doubles. As Leander was selected to represent India at the 2016 Olympics he states, “Every day we strive towards excellence in life, 1 brick at a time, 7th Olympics, my dream is coming true in Rio 2016”. Although times have changed, the 43 year old Indian tennis legend Leander Paes is still chasing medals for the country that he adores. Paes says, “I don’t see anyone breaking this Olympic record in a 100 years because of the way the game has changed with all the physical wear and tear on the players bodies not to mention the challenge of having to qualify for 28 consecutive years.”

1996 Olympic Bronze Medal

In 1996 a young Leander Paes won his a bronze medal in singles at the 1996 Summer Olympics hosted in Atlanta, Georgia.  There are two events that have dodged him to win medals and they are the   Men’s or Mixed doubles categories at the Olympic games.  Will Paes capture a medal in 2016?

Paes Olympic Bronze
Leander Paes Olympic Bronze

Paes breaks record and becomes all-time leading Grandslam title holder

Heading into the 2016 season, Leander was on the verge of winning his record breaking 18th Grand Slam. Overcoming adversities early in the season and with a champions mind-set, Leander captured his 5th overall French Open Champions teaming with Martina Hingis to win the mixed double crown. This win marks his 18th Grand Slam title which makes him the all time leading Grand Slam title holder. Paes life long fitness trainer of 26 years Dave Herman says, “I would have never thought Leander could win his 18th career Grandslam on the slow courts of Roland Garros at age 42 but with LP you can never count him out.”

Leander and Martina win French 2016
Leander and Martina win French 2016

Paes on Verge to Become Greatest Davis Cup Player of All-TIme

He is famous for his many memorable Davis Cup performances and is a former Indian team captain. He  holds the all time leading record for the most Davis Cup doubles wins. Paes also holds the all time record for appearances for India and the most doubles wins in Davis Cup history. Leander and Mahesh Bhupathi (formerly a #1 in the world doubles team) have a doubles record of (25-2) which makes them the best doubles partnership in Indian history and Leander currently has won 90 matches for his beloved country.

Leander Paes Davis Cup Hero
Leander Paes Davis Cup Hero


What else is there to say about Leander Paes?

by Anuj Watane


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