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From the Creators of the award winning SuperFlex Golf Fitness Kit comes a revolutionary golf swing training aid that will help you to Hit it better and Hit it Longer!

If you’re looking for ways to feel better and PLAY BETTER, the SuperFlex Golf Swing Kit is the answer!! With over 55 instructional drills from short game to a long game, including warm-up routines and golf specific stretching, the drills and exercises are demonstrated in video clips.

Many of the world’s leading golf instructors, fitness trainers and therapists have discovered the power of SuperFlex bands and are using resistance band training techniques to correct swing faults, improve functional movement and get their players’ bodies healthy and golf specific fit!

PGA, LPGA and amateur’s globally are using SuperFlex bands because of their versatility and portability and the amazing results they achieved!

What makes the band swing drills so effective? The proven method and science behind one of the fastest ways to improve golf swing mechanics! Master Golf instructor Andrew Park, Three times Golf Digest’s “Top 50 Instructors” will show you how to speed up the learning process by using resistance from bands to correct swing faults. In other words… you will practice more EFFICIENTLY and in a shorter period of time by instantaneously feeling the positive muscle memory!

The golf specific warm-ups, stretching and strengthening exercises are demonstrated by 20 year golf performance trainer Dave Herman, whose clients have included superstars Ernie Els, Trevor Immelman, Se Ri Pak , Suzann Pettersen, Dave will teach you how to warm-up, stretch and strengthen using his worldly renown SuperFlex® Bands!

The best part about these revolutionary band training drills and exercises is that it can be used anywhere and by golfers at every level. The kit comes with a mobile App that allows you to practice your swing drills and exercises on the range, hotel, at home or even in the office.

HIT IT BETTER!!! HIT IT LONGER!!! With SuperFlex Golf Swing Training!