Here are some new and exciting ways to train and challenge the core using functional training bands or resistance bands.  Begin by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and engage the core by plugging the pelvis into a neutral position all while squeezing your glutes.

Setting this position will automatically engage your deep core muscles.

Another good technique for engaging the deep core muscles is by imaging that you are pressing/squeezing your belly button into your spine and holding tightly.

The first exercise is a standing core crunch followed by a side to side oblique cross. The third exercise is side core pulses taking both arms through a full range of motion as shown in the video above. Be sure they maintain stable hips and pelvis through all 3 of these exercises.

These exercises are not about using heavy resistances which could lead to bad form. Begin by using lighter resistance bands to learn the proper form and to maintain a strong, stable core through all the movements.

We recommend 8 – 12  reps per  set.  You can certainly take the reps higher if desired to build more strength and endurance.

  • Standing Core Crunch
  • Side to Side Oblique Cross
  • Side Core Pulses (switch other side)

Challenge your core and work your bands!

Dave Herman