SuperFlex Metabolic Muscle Matrix Upper Body 1.0


The tools of choice in the SuperFlex Metabolic Muscle Matrix Upper Body 1.0 are resistance bands. Metabolic muscle matrix stands for (M3) and the programs and workouts are designed by Coach Vince McConnell.  The workouts are optimal for travel and for those times when availability, physical impairment, or some other factor necessitates that high quality resistance bands are your go to source for resistance. The beauty of this program is it’s designed to be performed in even the smallest of hotel rooms. The bands will easily fit into your suitcase along with a door harness which can be attached to any hotel room door so just set aside 25-35 minutes a day. 

in this blog segment Coach Vince demonstrates and presents Upper Body 1.0 of the SuperFlex M3 program. From the chest to back, the triceps to biceps, and all regions of the shoulder complex, these workouts have you covered. You will also find that these upper body workouts serve as a highly effective “core stabilization” training program in itself, which is most beneficial to core strength and spinal health.  

Below are the written workout programs for Upper Body 1.0 along with video’s that will show you how each exercise is performed.  We also recommend you watch the Rep Performance Application Key video to better understand the rep format including rep speeds, peak contractions and pauses used throughout each exercise.

Enter SuperFlex M3

Rep-Performance Application Key

The workouts are designed in BiPlexes ,TriPlexes, or Circuit format meaning that you perform 1 set of exercise “a” then 1 set of exercise “b”  and then exercise “c”. Repeat the sequence until all of the designated sets have been completed.

Regarding reps and sets, the overall SuperFlex Metabolic Muscle Matrix Upper Body 1.0 can be done on a standardized cycle or any combination from the Rep-Performance-Application (RPA) key. The true uniqueness of this program is the RPA and why it’s so effective at promoting muscular development and overall conditioning.

The degree of metabolic stress that occurs when you find the optimal tension/strength of resistance bands for each exercise is fantastic, and is enhanced as you become more proficient with the RPA key formatting methods.

Simply by varying the RPA key format for even a single exercise within each workout, you change the stimulus which changes the way the muscle is engaged and developed. Varying the RPA formats are not absolutely necessary but some will find that it can help with better development along with keeping interest and motivation up at optimal levels.

Coach Vince’s recommendation is to experiment with each of these workouts, and each of the two RPA’s format keys described and demonstrated in this blog. You may find a preference regarding one or two of the workouts and one or two of the RPA’s formats.  Or you may choose to continuously cycle through the different workouts and RPA’s. Coach Vince has found either path leads to progress and success as long as training consistency is the basis.

To better understand the Rep Performance Application key formats Coach Vince will demonstrate Upper Body 1.0 Key A and Key B in the video below:

 (RPA) Key

 Enter M3 Workouts

Workout 1.0 Upper Body A

Bands used in the video.  Resistance Band #5 Red 40″ / Resistance Band #6 Purple 40″ / Movement Band #1 Red 80″ / Resistance Band #4.5 Yellow 40″

Rep Performance Application Key A:  
10 High-Tension Reps (HTR)

Reps are performed with a deliberate (2-seconds) speed and continuous tension throughout the concentric (shortening) phase of each rep. Pause at the peak for a 3-second isometric hold contraction, return with controlled continuous tension through the eccentric (lengthening) phase. Finish with a 1-2 second pause before repeating the next rep.

* Watch video for exercise demo’s.

1a. Single-arm Horizontal Chest Press.  (3-5 sets)

1b. Single-arm Horizontal Row. (3-5 sets)

2a. FT/MB Triceps Push-Out (3-5 sets)

2b. FT/MB Standing Biceps Curls (3-5 sets)

2c. Face-Pull (3-5 sets)

3a. FT Kneeling Straight-arm Pulldowns  (2-4 sets)

3b. Single-arm Standing Side Raise (2-4 sets)

Workout 1.0 Upper Body B

Bands used in the video. Resistance Band #6 Purple 40″ / Functional Training Band #4 Orange” / Resistance Band #4.5 Yellow 40″

Rep Performance Application Key B:

 5-second Isometric hold on first rep followed by 10 High-Tension (HT) reps with a 3 second isometric hold at peak contraction followed by 
5-10 *Speed Reps (SR).

*Speed Reps (SR) are performed by accelerating on the concentric phase of the rep while controlling the eccentric phase.  * refer to Rep Performance Application video to better understand the rep format.

1a. Single-arm Decline Chest Press  (3-5 sets)

1b. ½ Kneeling Single-arm High Row (3-5 sets)

2a. Triceps Pushdown (Neutral-grip) (3-5 sets)

2b. FT/MB Standing Curls (3-5 sets)

2c. Shrugs (2-4 sets)

3a. FT Side Lateral (2-4 sets)

3b. Pull-Apart (2-4 sets)

3c. Single-arm Overhead Press (2-4 sets)







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