SuperFlex Performance is proud to announce the grand opening of it’s 2,500 square foot training facility located in Winter Garden, Florida. The facility is designed for high performance athletic training and includes specialized training equipment which focuses on speed/agility, strength/power, mobility/stability and flexibility. It also includes an athlete recovery room.

Performance Gym

One of the great features of the facility are the two double bay doors on each end of the gym and their ability to be opened simultaneously, which allows for the athlete to train inside or outside for game like weather conditions.  The facility has an open space design along with a movement track that enhances the athlete’s ability to perform functional training and movement drills.

Double side open bay's
Double side open bay’s

SuperFlex has partnered in the space with legendary trainer Wagner Ferreira of Fitness and Results, Inc. and we have had a great first week of phenomenal feedback from all our clients and look forward to a busy summer schedule.

Augie, Dave and Wagner install day.
Augie, Dave and Wagner install d

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