Over the last decade, the fitness industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. The marketplace is flooded with products that promise the world but fall well short. Many of those products are so one-dimensional that the results that are produced do not justify their price tag. The SuperFlex Wall Station is a fitness product with infinite possibilities that produces incredible results.


The SuperFlex Wall Station is the most advanced resistance band training station ever designed. The ability of the wall station to take heavy loads of pull is driving force behind its infinite possibilities. You can work powerful, strength, stability, balance, speed, and much more all with a single wall unit. Any attachment you use on your standard cable cross machine at the gym can be used with a SuperFlex band and the SuperFlex Wall Station.

One of the best features of the SuperFlex Wall Station is its compact space-saving design. Correctly anchor the station to the wall, and you now have the most versatile piece of fitness equipment at your disposal. The wall station can be utilized by athletic centers, residential consumers, rehabilitation clinics, and fitness facilities.

Another excellent feature of the SuperFlex Wall Station is the creativity it inspires. Many individuals hit plateaus or quit working out because of the monotony that happens. When you work out with the wall station you will continually discover new exercises and training methods each time you use it. The ability to combine so many methods of training using one piece of equipment keeps your exercise program fresh and exciting.

If you are a golfer this is the piece of equipment for you. Not only will you become an Elastic Athlete by using the SuperFlex Wall Station you will also be able to work directly on your mechanics. The vast majority of the drills in the SuperFlex Golf Swing Kit can all be done using the SuperFlex Wall Station.

With so many choices for fitness equipment it’s tough to decide on your best option. When looking for fitness equipment it is best to always find a product that satisfies a few parameters such as functionality, versatility, durability, convenience, and price to performance ratio. The SuperFlex Wall Station not only satisfies those parameters, but it far exceeds them. If you are ready to take your fitness to a new level and have fun doing it than the SuperFlex Wall Station is for you.


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