As we have established over the past three months, band training is quite effective for everyone and in multiple environments. They are simple to use, easy to add regressions or progressions to movements, and diverse in training style. However, we all make mistakes sometimes. Below are some common mistakes fitness professionals and fitness fanatics make while using resistance bands.

5 Mistakes You May Be Making When Using Resistance Bands

  1. Snap-Back: As we mentioned in this blog, a resistance band creates what is referred to as an “ascending resistance”, which means that as you move further in a range of motion, the band creates more tension for you. Have you tried a simple bicep curl with a resistance band? The first stage of the curl is quite easy, while the top of the curl is dramatically harder. This is due to the ascending resistance. Because of this trait, make sure you are controlling the motion in both directions. Do not let the band snap you back into the starting position. Move slowly and in control.
  2. Not Staying Consistent: Are you on the road? No excuses! You can pack your resistance bands to take with you where ever you are! Need some anchor ideas? Check out our list here.
  3. Single Joint Actions: As you train, think of the body as one interconnected unit, not separate pieces working individually. Skip the single joint actions and focus on total body motions. Need some ideas? Check out our instagram account for more ideas!
  4. You Need Variety: The body needs changing motions and a variety of movements. Think of using bands for sports specific drills, stretching, and power motions. We discussed 5 popular methods on this blog.
  5. Have Fun: Can you smile while you are working out? You should be enjoying movement! If you aren’t enjoying your exercise, you are making a huge mistake.

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