Here at SuperFlex Fitness, we want to help you become the best athlete you can. From blogs on group fitness to beginners and sports specific, we are here to educate, share, and promote athletic training. We have partnered with Zach Parker, one of the industry leaders in junior development. Zach currently is based at the Bishops Gate Golf Academy, and is devoted to creating training environments that force his athletes to step outside the standard coaching model and become automated with their movement patterns. In this blog, Zach talks about the steepening of the shaft in the golf swing transition. Plus, he demonstrates one of his personal favorite drills to improve this problem.

We will be publishing new content and videos thanks to this partnership; this blog series will better your golf coaching skills or your own personal technique. One of the main goals of improving your golf swing mechanics is to create a swing that is automated and repeatable in the competitive arena. The more awareness you have over every aspect of your swing, the more you can become automated and free over the ball.

One of the major issues impacting golfers’ swing mechanics is a steepening of the shaft in the transition. This causes the player to make multiple compensations through out the downswing, reduces the players speed, freedom and overall consistency. This drill allows the player to feel and apply the correct forces to create an efficient and powerful initiation of the downswing. In the video, you will see the correct counter force being applied to force the athlete to effectively use their lower and upper body to create a more effective and powerful delivery of the club.


Tips for Coaches and Golfers

Coaches: This is a great drill to do with golfers of all ages and abilities. Adjust the tension on the club to be appropriate for all clients.

Golfers: Be vocal to your partner holding the band. Do not be afraid to ask them to make adjustments in their placement or tension.

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