Resistance bands are great for any strength training or rehabilitation program. As we discussed in our blog, Band Training 101: 5 Reasons to Use a Resistance Band, band exercises can be functional, mimic sports-specific movement, and create better movers. When working out with a resistance band, people immediately anchor the band to or around themselves. While that is highly functional and easily adaptable to a lot of exercises, there are many other ways to anchor a band. Using an external object to anchor the band allows for more dynamic movement in a wide range of motion. In this blog, we are going to introduce you to 5 resistance band anchor ideas for you to use in your next session.

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1. Ballet Bar

Barre fitness is a hot class right now in most gyms. Facilities are adding stable wall bars, like a ballet bar, to facilitate these classes. This is great for your training program because you can easily use this bar to anchor your resistance bands. For more ideas on how to use the bar effectively for multi-planar exercises, including pilates-inspired ideas, check out our blog series from Leslee Bender featuring the new Barre Bands.


2. Wall Station

Many people use a door as an anchor for resistance band training. However, there is a much more effective piece of equipment. Meet the SuperFlex Wall station. This is the most advanced resistance band training station ever designed. Because of it’s ability to take heavy loads of pull, this system allows for an infinite number of exercises to be performed off the space saving wall. The Wall station has been designed for sports performance centers, in-home training, in-clinic rehabilitation and fitness facilities. The lightweight frame is heavy duty and is welded aluminum of the highest quality in craftsmanship. Learn more by watching this short introduction video!



3.Outdoor FunDave Herman

Since resistance bands are transportable, you can get an effective workout anywhere you go. But don’t stay in your hotel room working out; instead, journey outside with your resistance bands. Consider using a golf cart, an outdoor railing, or a park bench as your anchor point. Turn the local park into your own circuit course; Run between “stations”, quickly set up your band, and perform an exercise until failure before running to the next “station” with your band in hand.



4. PartnerResistance-Training-Super-Flex-Fitness-Team-Denmark

Partner work is a fun way to ensure you schedule movement into your busy day. While you may be willing to skip a workout for yourself, you will rarely let down a partner! So schedule a workout with your best friend, neighbor, significant other, or co-worker. Bring a band so you can use each other as an anchor, while moving simultaneously. If you are working off the same band, that band adds resistance but the partner adds more instability to the movement. This means you can create a more core-intensive workout that challenges your coordination and balance by working with a partner.



5. CoachSONY DSC

While working simultaneously with a partner is a great method of using a resistance band, you can also ask a person to be an anchor point. This is the method that most trainers use when coaching athletes, but can also be utilized in partner workouts. Make sure that the person acting as the anchor is fully stabilized and ready to bear the load of the person moving. The anchor must be actively braced and mentally focused on the exercise happening.




There are multiple different ways to use a resistance band to get a great workout. Think outside of the box of your own body and utilize the band to the fullest potential. Subscribe to our blog to receive new band ideas every week or check us out on facebook and instagram.


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