A common fault that we see among amateur golfers is improper lead leg movement. Many players in an attempt to stabilize their lower bodies end up hampering their ability to properly load into the trail side hip and glute. When improper lead leg movement occurs, multiple mechanical issues can result. In this blog, we will discuss how to improve lead leg movement and provide a drill utilizing a SuperFlex resistance band to correct the issue.


When a player incorrectly moves his lead leg it can result in loss of power, reverse spine angle, topping, as well as fat and thin shots. The main reason for all these faults results from the lead leg moving or staying out towards the ball and not rotating back. This causes the weight to not properly shift. When the majority of the weight stays on the target side leg throughout the swing, the player must make a compensatory move to strike the ball properly especially the longer the club gets.

A drill to help correct this is the reverse step drill. In previous blogs, we have used the conventional step drill. This time start with feet together and step back to a normal width stance during the backswing. This drill forces the lead leg to move properly in the backswing and load properly into the right glute and hit.


The best way to attack this swing fault is using a SuperFlex blue resistance band. Have someone hold the band or anchor it to a low point in front of you. Make sure that there is sufficient tension pulling that knee forward. Once you have the band secured just below the knee make backswings focusing on increasing the pull of the band. You want the lead leg working hard against the resistance of the band. Set a goal of 3 sets 10 repetitions for two weeks and improper lead leg movement will be a thing of the past!

Master Instructor Andrew Park

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