Personally, I like using a lot of pieces of equipment to ensure that my clients get the best experience possible in my classes. When creating compound movements, sometimes you need a little help to ensure the participant is in the correct position and executing the movement properly. This is when a Barre Band, Bender Ball, and bar can work together to create safe and effective movements for our clients.

Movements with a Barre Band, Bender Ball, and Bar

V-Sit & Curl : Not only this an exceptional core training exercise, but also wonderful for the upper body! Start with the Barre Band wrapped around the bar and the Bender Ball placed behind the lower back in a supportive manner. Holding the arms at shoulder height, lean back into a v-sit as you bicep curl to the forehead. As you return upright, straighten the arms.

Bow & Arrow : Start in the same position as above. As you lean back into the v-sit, rotate to the right as you execute a right unilateral row so that the right elbow touches the floor. Return to the center. On the next lean, repeat on the left.

Bridge & Pull : With the band still wrapped around the bar, turn away from the bar as you lay on the floor. Place the Bender Ball between your inner thighs and hold the band in both hands with your arms straightened by your ears. Lift your hips off of the ground by squeezing your glutes. Maintain that position as you pull the arms straight over your head and to your hips. Return the arms to the starting position and lower the hips.

Squat & Kick Back : While standing, place the Bender Ball between your inner thighs. Back away from the bar so that you can bands in your hands and elbows are bent at your sides. As you lower into a squat, lean slightly forward keeping a flat back. Lower to the bottom of your range of motion in your squat, straighten your arms behind your for a kickback. Lift halfway out of your squat and return the elbows to your side.

Enjoy these movements using a Barre Band, Bender Ball, and Bar.

Leslee Bender

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