One of the more common swing faults among amateurs is spinning their hips out in the downswing. When you spin your hips out it causes multiple swing issues that are hard to recover from. If you have read any of our other blogs, you know how important proper body motion is when it comes to ball striking. The most prolific players use their bodies the best. In this blog, we’ll discuss the reason and how to correct hips spinning out. We will provide a range drill as well as a fitness drill using a SuperFlex Functional Training band.

People have been teaching to fire the hips as long as golf instruction has existed. There is a time and place for the hips to fire. It is not immediately from the top of the backswing. A player must first laterally shift their weight to the lead foot. The best players put a significant amount of pressure into the ground with their left foot in transition. That is impossible to accomplish if you spin your hips out.

Hips Spinning

When a player spins their hips out a few flaws usually occur. First the club is usually cast and throw into a steep position. Second there is no shaft lean at impact. Finally due to the weight being back and no shaft lean there is a ton of dynamic loft on the club at impact. You cannot hit a well-compressed quality golf shot from this position. The ball flight will be high, short and weak.

To improve the compression on the ball, your first move in the transition has to be shifting your weight left. Once the weight has moved left then, we can start opening and firing the hips and torso. Force plate data has shown that Tour Players have nearly 90% of their weight on the left side at impact and have generated massive force into the ground by pushing into the lead leg in transition.

An excellent drill to add to your range practice is the step drill. Step up to the golf ball and then step your left foot back towards your right foot for right handed golfers. Your two feet should be together behind the golf ball. From this position start your backswing and step forward towards the target before the club reaches the top of the backswing. This drill works wonders for the transition. It forces you to properly shift your weight to the left and put pressure into the ground with your lead leg.

correct hips spinning

Attacking the spinning out of the hips swing flaw with a SuperFlex Functional Training band is one of the most effective ways I have come across in eliminating this problem. You want to secure the movement band around the belt on the lead hip. You then take the Functional Training band around the back of your waist and anchor it to a low point behind you parallel to the target line. Make sure there is enough tension on the band that if you spin your hips that it will be tough to keep your balance. Make a few rehearsal swings where you are working hard to get into that left side and fighting the pull of the band. The band will try to get you to spin your hips and keep your weight on your right side.

Master Instructor Andrew Park

Spinning the hips out is one of the most detrimental swing flaws that you can have. It causes a long list of swing issues that will keep you frustrated and from playing your best golf. Implement the step drill in your range sessions and work the SuperFlex Training Band band drill. You will love the outcome!

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