One of the main goals of improving your golf swing mechanics is to create a golf swing that results in a playable miss. The more control you have over the golf ball, the lower your scores will be.The cleaner your mechanics are, the less you will have to rely on timing.  An area of the golf swing where hard work will pay off is the back swing. If you get the club in a great position going back all you will have to do is properly pivot in the downswing. Jason Day, Rory, and Adam Scott are all known as great ballstrikers, and they all have perfect back swings. In this blog, we are going to cover how to correct a steep back swing.  See Video Below.


When the backswing gets too steep, it can create several swing flaws. These swing flaws will require compensation and timing to hit a quality golf shot. When the shaft works too steep in the backswing, it causes the player to excessively tilt their shoulder plane. A steep shoulder plane often results in a reverse pivot. It also requires excessive shallowing of the golf club to make solid contact. If the player does not shallow the golf club, their swing path will be out to in and incredibly steep. This swing path will result in a poor strike.

An excellent at home drill is to take a golf club and stick an alignment rod into the grip end of the club. You may have to cut the hole open in the grip a bit to get the alignment rod into the grip. Once the alignment rod is in the grip, take your golf stance and make a backswing. When the club is parallel to the ground the alignment rod should be pointing directly down the target line. From this point take the club back until the left arm is parallel to the ground. The alignment rod should be pointing on or just inside the target line. Now simply turn your shoulders and the club will be in a perfect position.


Our second drill involves a lite blue SuperFlex movement band and the SuperFlex swing training grip. Attach the SuperFlex movement band to a low point several feet in front of your lead leg. Take your golf posture and start working the swing training grip back with a little rotation. This motion will set the club perfectly on plane. If done correctly you should start to feel tension in the band. If you take the club back on a steep plane, the training grip will feel awkward, and there won’t be as much tension.

Spending time creating a backswing that requires little to no compensation on the downswing will pay huge dividends. Not only will your shot quality be better, but your misses will be a lot more playable. Also the cleaner the mechanics, the less you will have to practice because you have built a golf swing that requires less timing. Get yourself an alignment rod, a SuperFlex movement band, and get to work perfecting that backswing!

Master Instructor Andrew Park

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