When talking about strength training, most people immediately think of barbells, free weights, and single-joint actions. But Barre Bands are easily more functional, as well as infinitely more mobile, than those options. Single-joint actions are not functional in daily life. Instead of focusing on simple motions, we should be training multiple muscle groups at once, which is known as compound movements. The Barre Bands are ideal for strength training because the participant is working against their own body weight in addition to the resistance of the bands, and the flexibility of the band allows the participant to add resistance to multiple muscle groups within one movement. So let’s investigate three tips for creating compound movements with the Barre Bands.

Three Tips for Creating Compound Movements

1. Opposites Attract: If the right leg moves, the left arm moves. Moving your opposing limbs in unison not only trains the entire body but also works the mind and coordination skills. Try this! Step on the band and hold the handles in both hands. Keep your feet together but spread the arms into a Y position. As your step out with the right foot, reach the left hand down to the right knee, shin or foot, maintaining a flat back. Return to the start position and move to the opposite sides.

2.As Many Joints as Possible: How many joints can you possibly move at once? For example, step on the band with your left foot and step back with the right, into a stationary lunge position. As you lunge down, hold the band in your hands and laterally stretch the band out to the sides. As you stand up, raise your band over your head as you bring the right knee forward into a knee lift.

3. Two Movements, One Side:Let’s investigate this idea further. Wrap the band around a bar, place the band around the foot away from the bar and hold on to the handle with the arm close to the bar. Lateral lunge away from the bar while you lean towards the bent knee. As you press back to standing, add a hip abduction lift. For a visual demonstration, see the video below.

Your muscles are quick to adapt and learn routines that are performed often. The Barre Bands are flexible enough to provide a much needed change of pace. This variety keeps your body engaged and challenged, which results in a more intense and efficient workout. The added freedom of mobility of the Barre Bands has the added benefit of being able to strengthen the users’ entire body.

Leslee Bender

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