Much of golf instruction focuses on what the arms and club are doing during the golf swing. As we have seen throughout history many great players have had numerous arm and shaft positions. One player is laid off while the other is perfectly on plane. Another player has a flat arm plane while the other is vertical. Players have won majors with all sorts of different wrist angles at the top as well. One area of the golf swing that tends to be constant with all great players is quality lower body stability. In this blog we will demonstrate a great band drill using a SuperFlex band that will create tour quality lower body stability for golfers.

The best players in the world have the best leg action. When Rory had his epic meltdown at Augusta it was his sloppy leg action that was the problem. He knew that he had a major flaw in his golf swing that left untreated would lead to inconsistency especially when in contention. The 3D analysis that he did following the Masters revealed that he was early extending his pelvis and losing his legs from under him which caused the club to get stick behind him.Creating Lower Body Stability in Golfers


If you want a great example of quality leg action use Adam Scott, Martin Kaymer or Jason Day. They all display perfect leg action. They are incredibly stable from start to finish. Poor leg action is like firing a canon from a canoe. You’ll still hit quality shots from time to time but the consistency will not be there. You’ll miss shots on both sides of the golf course and your contact will be spotty. What makes PGA Tour players great is their ability to make solid contact virtually every time they hit a shot. They may miss it left or right but they hit it solid.

When working on leg action the area to focus on is what the right leg is doing during the swing especially on the downswing. If you video your swing draw a vertical line right in front of the right knee for right handed golfers at address. The goal is to hit a shot and never have the right knee or leg cross this line. Martin Kaymer has some of the best right knee action on tour.

Creating Lower Body Stability in Golfers

One of the most effective ways to work on your right knee action is by using a SuperFlex band. Watch the video below for two different angles to work the right leg while swinging a golf club. Another great drill using a SuperFlex band is to assume your golf posture and hook a purple resistance band to either a low door attachment or the SuperFlex wall station and the other end just below your knee. You want to be facing the direction the band is pulling you. Cross your arms across your chest then turn back and through while resisting the band pulling your knee out. Being able to avoid the pulling force of the band will work wonders on a mechanically incorrect right knee.

Lower body stability and right knee movement is not a sexy area of the golf swing to work on but it will go further to improving your golf swing than most other areas. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how much better of a position the club gets in during the downswing when the lower body is stable.

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