Barre fitness classes are hot right now. These group fitness classes focus on muscular endurance, while incorporating standing Pilates, yoga, and ballet-inspired movements. The fitness barre movement does not have actual ballet motions, as a ballet barre class would, but instead focuses on repeating a strength exercise to the level of fatigue, while moving to the beat of the music. Barre classes should incorporate exercises for the entire body, not only the lower muscle groups. However, instructors can have a hard time creating upper body movements using bands to incorporate into class. Here are 3 fun upper body sequences for your barre class.

3 Fun Upper Body Sequences for Your Barre Class

The Posterior Chain

With the Barre Band wrapped around the bar, execute 4 bilateral rows while in a center squat. Do a Unilateral Row with the right arm as you lunge back with the right foot. Repeat with a unilateral row with the left arm as you lunge back with the left foot. Return to the squat and repeat the 4 bilateral rows.

Assisted Push-ups

With the Barre Band wrapped around the bar, turn away from the bar. Put the bands around your arms and tucked into your armpits. Move into a plank position so that you can execute a push-up with the assistance of the Barre Band to bring you back to plank. At the top of the plank, use the right hand to tap the left shoulder and vice versa. Need an example? See this video

Bi’s and Tri’s

Facing the bar with the Barre Band wrapped around the bar, sit into a chair pose. With the arms straight, press the arms behind you. Bring the arms forward for a bicep curl at shoulder height. View this exercise around the 1 minute mark on the video below.

Do you have any upper body sequences that you love and use in your classes? Share with us on Instagram by tagging @SuperFlexFitness! We would love to share your ideas, as well.

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