It doesn’t take long for golfers to realize that great ballstrikers come in all shapes, sizes, and swing patterns. With so many approaches to producing the same result, which is a solid strike on the golf ball, there must be a few fundamental principles that produce solid strikes. One of those fundamental principles that would be tough to find anyone to argue against is a solid impact position.

While you could stand on a PGA Tour driving range and watch five players who all had different backswings, it would be tough to find five players that “cast” the golf club and arrived at a solid impact position. A technically solid impact position results from what happens prior to that moment especially during the transition from the backswing to the downswing.


Castings the golf club results in fat, thin, inconsistent strikes and most of all the loss of power. Watch a Remax Long Drive competition and look at the amount of “lag” that each of the competitors has. It is impossible to be in a league of long drive competitors and cast the golf club. Maintaining the proper amount of lag in your golf swing, then releasing it at the proper time is how you optimize your power output. Casting the golf club releases the stored energy of the swing prior to impact. Great ballstrikers store that energy in the angle formed on the downswing between the club shaft and lead arm.

The best way to check to see if you are properly retaining the angle of the golf club, video yourself from the “Face On” angle. When your hand reaches the trail leg on the downswing the club shaft should be parallel to the ground forming a 90-degree angle with the lead arm and shaft.


If you are serious about taking your ballstriking to the next level then eliminating casting from your golf swing should be your main area of focus. Not only will your distance increase but you will start properly compressing the golf ball which is the ultimate way to control both spin and ball flight.

One of the best ways to teach the proper downswing mechanics that eliminate casting and leads to a strong impact position is through the use of SuperFlex Fitness bands.  The SuperFlex Fitness Casting Drill works twofold. When executed correctly you will create tension on the SuperFlex Fitness band, retain your wrist angle, and be leading with the handle. When you do the SuperFlex drill incorrectly there will be slack on the SuperFlex Fitness band, loss of wrist angle and the handle will not be leading. The ability to feel the tension on the SuperFlex Fitness band when properly executing the drill will shorten the learning curve and force you to ingrain the proper mechanics in fastest fashion possible.

Master Instructor Andrew Park

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