The “Reverse Pivot” is one of the most common and easily diagnosed swing faults. A reverse pivot occurs when a players does not shift their weight properly on the backswing or downswing. The player shifts their weight in reverse order with the upper body tilting towards the target on the backswing and then tilting away from it on the downswing.


When a player has the reverse pivot swing fault hitting the ball solid is quite a challenge. They will constantly suffer from fat and thin shots due to the constant changing of their swing center. They will also make it virtually impossible to produce a consistent ball flight due to the improper pivot movement. Lack of distance is also a characteristic of a reverse pivot due to the fact that the player is moving major power sources away from the ball instead of into the ball on the downswing.


An easy way for a player to feel if you are suffering from a reverse pivot is to feel where the weight is distributed on the backswing and downswing. If you feel the majority of your weight on your lead leg and foot on the backswing, and then on your trail leg and foot on the finish, then you are reverse pivoting.

SuperFlex Fitness bands can be used in several ways to help eliminate the reverse pivot. The first drill you can anchor a SuperFlex band chest high, pull the SuperFlex band until directly in front of your sternum then rotate into your backswing making sure you load into that trail leg. If you feel any slack on the SuperFlex band then you are not properly loading into your backswing.


Another great SuperFlex band exercise you place a thumb in each end of the SuperFlex band. You then put the band over your back and outstretch your arms. The SuperFlex band should stretch across your shoulder blades. From that point assume your golf posture with your feet together and then take a step into your backswing rotating your arms on your backswing plane at the same time.  This drill will teach you how to load properly into your backswing. Do the same sequence for the forward swing.

Master Instructor Andrew Park

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