A common fault that you see among amateur golfers is a flat backswing. When a player rolls the club behind their hands during the backswing, it takes multiple compensations to hit a solid golf shot. In this blog, we will provide you with technical advice plus drills to eliminate a flat backswing.

One of the major issues with a flat backswing is the rolling of the clubface. When a player loses control of the clubface, it causes a chain reaction. Rolling the club into a flat position can open the club face considerably. When a right-handed player has an open club face even if they do not know ball flight laws will subconsciously swing left. If they swung right with an open face, the shot would be a huge block right.


Having seen thousands of shots on Trackman, the poorest struck shot besides a shank, and a fat shot is the open face left path shot. This combination of left path open face produces a poorly compressed glancing blow on the golf ball. When you eliminate the rolling of the club on the backswing, you control the club face better which in turn controls the path better.

There are a couple different feels you can implement to eliminate the flat backswing and rolling the club face. First picture an eye of the face of the golf club. Now try and feel as though that eye on the club face is looking at the golf ball until lead arm is parallel to the ground. Next, you can feel the club head staying outside your hands until the lead arm is parallel to the ground. Either of these feels if executed properly will help significantly.


A great drill that you can do at home is the wall drill. Simply find a wall and take your golf stance where there is about a four-inch clearance from your glutes. Make a backswing until your lead arm is parallel to the ground. If you didn’t bash the wall, you are in a perfect position where all you will have to do is turn it up with your torso. Only do this drill to the lead arm parallel position. Do not take it all the way to the top of the backswing.

Finally, we are going to provide a drill that you can do with a SuperFlex movement band and the SuperFlex swing handle. Attach the SuperFlex movement band to a low point in front of you. Make a backswing to lead arm parallel. You will immediately feel the handle and resistance of the band drastically change if you rollaway the golf club. The SuperFlex movement band should stay in front of your lead arm for the duration of the drill. See the video below for more details on this drill.

Master Instructor Andrew Park

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