With resistance bands, you can execute just about any typical strength training exercise without the need for weights. The original design of the SuperFlex bands allows you to add additional movements to your catalog. But perhaps you’ve never or rarely have tried resistance bands. Why should you start? Here are our top 5 reasons to use a resistance band.

5 Reasons

  1. Because Lebron James say so. Just kidding! You can create very sports-specific exercises while using resistance bands, such as the SuperFlex Fitness Bands. We have blogs on training solutions using our bands for common golf issues and how to use bands in your barre, pilates, or yoga classes. We have videos for tennis training with bands and football athletic training. Training with bands can improve your performance in any sport due to the increasing tension as you increase your range of motion.
  2. Weights maintain the same tension/weight as you lift and lower through exercises. However, a resistance band creates what is referred to as an “ascending resistance”, which means that as you move further in a range of motion, the band creates more tension for you. Have you tried a simple bicep curl with a resistance band? The first stage of the curl is quite easy, while the top of the curl is dramatically harder. This is due to the ascending resistance.
  3. Because of this resistance, bands allow velocity to change and accelerate, exactly how the body naturally moves to increase power. In other words bands all participants to build up speed and momentum at the beginning of each repetition before becoming increasingly difficult to continue. As a result, bands neurologically teach the body how to accelerate force; this is something that we use everyday, in addition to in our sport.
  4. And because of the greater resistance at the end of the range of motion, the band also provides a greater challenge to peripheral stabilization. In laments terms, this means more of the body must act as a stabilizer, instead of only the joint in action as with weights.
  5. Due to the additional recruitment of joints and muscles to stabilize the body, bands can easily create a movement challenge, not just a muscle challenge. Sure, we need strong muscles; but more importantly, those strong muscles should be able to move with powerful accuracy. Remember that fitness is not about creating better muscles. It’s about creating better movers.

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