The dreaded “Chicken Wing” swing fault is one of the most devastating swing faults that an individual can have. When a player’s swing results in a chicken wing it requires them to manipulate the golf club coming into and through the impact zone. Not only does this lead to contact issues but requires an incredible amount of timing to hit a solid golf shot.

Chicken Wing

The chicken wing results in the lead arm shortening during the downswing and coming into impact. A chicken wing is usually the result of another swing error that has been created prior to impact and the golfer is trying to save that specific golf shot by chicken winging their lead arm.

If a player has a downswing that is overly steep or a shut clubface then a chicken wing may occur to avoid hitting the shot fat or left. The majority of chicken wings occur due to an overly steep downswing plane. Golfers dread hitting fat shots and subconsciously try avoiding hitting a fat shot due to their steep downswing by shortening their lead arm coming into impact. The result is usually a thin shot or a weak slice due to the open face and the glancing blow that a chicken wing produces.



One of the best ways to eliminate the chicken wing is to combine the SuperFlex band “Over the Top” drill with the “Chicken Wing” drill. Working the SuperFlex band Chicken Wing Drill will help re-engineer the downswing plane on its own. To properly do the SuperFlex Chicken Wing Drill you anchor a SuperFlex band on a low anchor point and attach the handle. From that point you work your deliver position, impact and follow through focusing on maintaining tension in the SuperFlex band and length in the lead arm until well after impact when the lead arm should fold.

Master Instructor Andrew Park

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