Traveling around the globe playing professional golf is an amazing experience. You get to see the world doing something you love. You learn about different cultures and compete against players from all over the world. What is often overlooked by many from the outside is the logistics that goes into it. There is so much more to being a professional golfer than just the golf aspect. You have to handle travel, transportation, accommodations, nutrition, fitness, communication; the list can go on and on.

Emirates Golf Club – Dubai, UAE

We will focus on the fitness aspect in this blog. Fitness and golf go hand in hand now especially if you are playing professionally. The more intense your travel schedule is the more important fitness must be if you intend to have any long-term success. I was on the road for three straight months playing a tour that held events throughout the Middle East and North Africa. If fitness wasn’t a priority I wouldn’t have been able to play 10 straight events and make it through the tour schedule.

Sitting in an airplane for 15 hours, sleeping in less than ideal beds, limited food options, and countless hours of competition and practice all take a toll on the body. What keeps you going is working on strength, stability, mobility, and cardiovascular health. The only piece of equipment I have found that covers all those bases, you can travel with, and use anywhere are SuperFlex fitness bands.


Some tour stops are in cities that have a great selection of hotels that are equipped with gyms, others not so much. When you are in a part of the world where a gym isn’t accessible you have two options. The first option is to not workout, and the second option is to get creative and get your workout in. SuperFlex fitness bands allow you to get creative. You can get an amazing workout in in very confined spaces.

Gym in Muscat, Oman

When I traveled to Morocco the accommodations were less than ideal. I shared a room with another player that was barely big enough for one bed let alone the two that were in there. Armed with SuperFlex fitness bands and my door attachment I could get a pre-round warm-up in and a post round workout.

Hotel room in Rabat, Morocco

These bands are not only great for athletes on the road but for any road warrior. You can do a circuit that takes 15 minutes’ tops that conditions the body from head to toe. SuperFlex fitness bands are so versatile that I used them in the galley area of a Boeing 777 at 30,000 feet in the air on a 15 hour flight to keep my body moving the way I wanted to.

For more information and to purchase your SuperFlex fitness bands for to

Road Warrior SuperFlex Fitness Band Circuit

4 Rounds – 10 Reps Each Exercise

  1. SuperFlex band Squat Presses
  2. SuperFlex band Push-ups
  3. SuperFlex band Rows
  4. SuperFlex band Tricep Extensions
  5. SuperFlex band Bicep Curls
  6. SuperFlex band Lateral Shoulder Raises
  7. SuperFlex band ab crunches (3 sec hold @ top)

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